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Olfa Mejri

Teaching Fellow, Research Student

Olfa Mejri

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Research overview


PhD thesis (Completed April 2021):

My PhD thesis draws primarily on the Market Studies literature on Concerned-markets and market agencing, and on the Economic Sociology literature to explore how actors dispute agency in controversial settings and shape markets. Empirically, the study focuses on the specific case of the first British GM-Wheat-open-air trials announced in 2012. The study investigates the nature of concerns and agencing modes involved in the introduction of a controversial new food technology into the marketplace. It looks particularly at the relational dimension between expressed concerns and formed networks, and their underpinning references and projected futures. The work contributes to our understanding of market agencing by highlighting the dynamic nature of these relational arenas and by elucidating the mechanisms invested by actors in terms of representation and anchoring literatures allowing them to acquire agency and to favour their perspective. 


Research grant:  

My PhD research was funded by: The North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership (NWSSDTP).


Research interests:

Market contentiousness.

Market as practice and Concerned-markets.

Fields institutionalization/deinstitutionalization.

Market socio-technical controversies.

Social networks.  

Consumer resistance & anti-consumption.

Ethical consumption.


Research output:

The British Genetically Modified Wheat Trials: Convicting pasts, clashing futures, and controversial presents.

Bardet (Mejri), O. & Hopkinson, G., 6/06/2018, Contribution to the 5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop-Copenhagen Business School, June 6-8, 2018 (Unpublished) 

Agencing the digital marketer: digital marketing analytics as a device for constituting marketer-consumer agencements

Ryan, A., Stigzelius, I., Mejri, O.Hopkinson, G., & Hussien, F., re-submitted 15/05/2021, (Under review): Marketing Theory. 


Teaching activities: Marketing Teaching Fellow 

Deep Dive Dissertation-Masters' dissertation supervision (MKTG510)

Global Marketing Management (MKTG303)

Marketing Consultancy Projects (MKTG310)

Managing Marketing Innovation (MKTG315)

Introduction to Management (MNGT110)

Marketing Essentials (MKTG227)

Introduction to Marketing (MKTG101)

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