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Dr Ben Anderson

Formerly at Lancaster University

Ben Anderson

Research overview

Themes: the relationship between social practices, consumption infrastructures and socio-technological change with a particular interest in social communication, micro-social resilience, energy, water and cross-cutting social and spatial variation.

Skills: 'Data scientist',quantitative (longitudinal) data analysis, multi/mixed methods projects, intervention/strategy/policy impact analysis, 'big' or 'linked' data.

Research Grants

Grants supporting collaboration with LEC:

Career Details

Dr Anderson is currently a Senior Research Fellow in the Sustainable Energy Research Group at the University of Southampton and a Visiting Research Fellow at the Lancaster Environment Centre

Prior to this he was Deputy Director of the Centre for Research on Economic Sociology and Innovation at the University of Essex and has also been a Senior Research Scientist at BT plc.


Originally from a natural sciences background, I have a BSc in Biology and Computer Science (Southampton University, UK) and a PhD in Computer Studies (Loughborough University, UK). I have used techniques from computer science, cognitive psychology, anthropology, economics, sociology, and social geography as an academic and commercial research scientist engaged in basic, applied and strategic socio-technical research. 

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