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Dr Alison Browne

Formerly at Lancaster University

Alison Browne

Research Interests

I joined the 'ARCC (Adaptation and Resilience in a Changing Climate)-Water' project in LEC in 2010. This project will extend everyday practice, cultural and socio-technical perspectives of water in order to develop a new (practice based) conceptualisation of domestic water demand for the UK. For more detail please refer to the ARCC website.

My research interests focus on the social and political aspects of social and environmental sustainability, urban water management, sustainable agriculture and other natural resource management (NRM) projects including:

  • Policy and governance of natural/water resource management and infrastructure, climate change adaptation and mitigation;
  • Cultural values, design and usage of “green space”, water usage and sustainability;
  • Uncertainty and risk perspectives;
  • Social justice and fairness;
  • Resource peripheries;
  • Native Title and Indigenous Australian issues within land and water management; Property and land rights frameworks; Colonialism and postcolonialism;
  • Social and environmental legacies of environmental/infrastructure histories e.g., Mining, 'Mega-projects';
  • Environmental democracy;
  • Democratic and sustainability transitions;
  • Collaborative policy and science with community;
  • Community and social change processes and indicators;
  • Environmentality and biopolitics;
  • Inter/trans-disciplinary approaches.

Previously I have worked as a Research Fellow at Curtin University and as a Social and Environmental Psychologist at CSIRO on a range of projects in urban and rural Australia. I completed a PhD through Curtin University (Western Australia) capturing the community and regional impacts of NRM R&D. I have also completed a post-graduate diploma in Indigenous Australian Cultural Studies focusing on the legal and cultural aspects of Native Title and Indigenous Australian rights in land and water management.

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