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Dr Beth Malory

Casual - Teaching, Visiting Research Fellow

Beth Malory

County South




My research is concerned with the ways in which language reflects, perpetuates and otherwise interacts with social norms and hierarchies. In particular, I am interested in the role discursive patterns play in sustaining or challenging societal structures and mainstream ideologies. I often use corpus-assisted discourse analysis, and am interested in the ways in which qualitative and quantitative methods can complement one another. 


I am currently a member of the editorial team at Lancaster which is producing 'Introducing Linguistics', a new textbook to be published by Routledge in 2022. In addition to my editorial role, I am also contributing two chapters to this book: one on historical linguistics and the other, co-authored with Professor Karin Tusting, on sociolinguistics. 


I am also currently collaborating with Animal Think Tank, conducting research which uses both qualitative and quantitative approaches to explore how animals are discursively represented in society. 


Previously, I have worked on the SAMUELS and Trinity Lancaster Corpus projects, and have lectured at Lancaster, the University of Manchester and Liverpool Hope University. 

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M.A. (Oxon) English Language and Literature: Mansfield College, Oxford (2012)

M.St. English Language: Oriel College, Oxford (2013)

Ph.D. Linguistics: Lancaster (2021)

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