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Dr Bruce Bennett

Senior Lecturer

Bruce Bennett

Lancaster University

The LICA Building



PhD supervision

I am interested in working with students in any area of cinema, film studies, screen studies or visual culture, but have particular interests in:
Hollywood cinema, British cinema, Transnational cinema, Early cinema, Film, politics and class, cinema technology, Visual culture, cycling and cycling cultures, Migration studies and cinema.

Current Teaching


I am currently co-supervising the following PhD projects:

  • Areej Alghamdi, Saudi Women's Incorporeal Heritage
  • Ian Hunt, Cinema and memory
  • Vicky James, The Migrant Mime - Documentary film and migrant identity
  • Rui Qian, Migrant workers in post-'90s Chinese cinema

I have supervised the following PhDs:

  • Dr Bernadette Salem (2019), Cinema and commercial space tourism: The politics of escapism
  • Dr Matthew Smith (2019), The figure of the child in British cinema
  • Dr Laura Clancy (2019: AHRC/ESRC co-funded), The (Family) Firm: Representation and Power in the British Royal Family
  • Dr Rona Murray (2019)Situations of Absence: Silence and Invisibility in Women's Cinema
  • Dr Liz Nichols (2017), Distracted Spectatorship: The cinematic experience and franchise films
  • Dr Anna Martin (2014). Writing the Star: Stardom, Fandom and Real Person Fanfiction
  • Dr Imogen Robertson (2013). Intervals, Rhythms and Waves: Relations of Affect in Case Studies of Subjective Documentary from the 1980s and 1990s 
  • Dr Katherine Harrison (2009: AHRC-funded). Terror/Democracy: An iconology
  • Dr Alex Simcock (2009: AHRC-funded). Rethinking Film and Television through the made-for-TV movie
  • Dr Dominique Ying-chih Liao (2008). Film and theatre in post-martial law Taiwan


I currently contribute lectures to the modules on the brand new MA in Film Studies, Transnational Cinemas (LICA441) and Research Methods: Contemporary Film Theory (LICA440), and supervise MA dissertations.


I currently convene the 2nd-year core Film Studies module, Hollywood and Beyond: Global Cinema (LICA251), and the third-year option module, Silent Cinema (LICA355).

I also contribute lectures on the 1st-year Film Studies core modules, Introduction to Film Studies (LICA150) and British Cinema (LICA102), the 1st-year core module, Fundamentals: Contemporary Arts and Design (LICA101), the 2nd-year core module, Critical Reflections (LICA200), and I am supervising undergraduate dissertations on a variety of topics.




Current Research



Cycling and Cinema (Goldsmiths Press/MIT, 2019)

This new book is a cultural history of cycling in global cinema and new screen cultures, considering the cultural significance of the bicycle and the practice of cycling as, variously, leisure activity, transportation device, professional sports apparatus, consumer good, a means of creative expression and a means of protest.

I was awarded a 12-month Research Fellowship by the Leverhulme Trust to undertake this project. The project is outlined in more detail in the Leverhulme Trust newsletter from May 2015.

A blog on the project can be found here, and the book can be ordered here.

An edited excerpt from the introduction to the book, 'Cinema and Cycling, Technological Twins' is published in the MIT Press journal here.

'The fine art of cycling: bicycles, modernity and political art'

I have just had a chapter on the history of bicycles in modern art published in the collection, Cycling Societies: Emerging Innovations, Inequalities and Governance, edited by Cosmin Popan, Katerina Psarikidou and Dennis Zuev. Using Ai Weiwei and Rainer Ganahl as the principal case studies, this piece asks why the bicycle has been such a fascinating subject for experimental artists and how their work invites us to think differently about cycling and society.

Details about this can be found here.


'Close Encounters with Foreignness' (2019)

My regular collaborator and co-writer Katarzyna Marciniak and I were asked, along with a number of other scholars in the field, to submit an article for the 10th anniversary issue of Transnational Cinemas journal, reflecting upon the state of transnational film studies. Our article, which is organized around an analysis of Pawel Pawlikowski's Cold War (2018), was published in April and can be found here.


'Aporias of Foreignness: Transnational Encounters in Cinema' (2018)

With my colleague Katarzyna Marciniak (Ohio), I recently edited a suite of articles for a special issue of the journal Transnational Cinemas entitled 'Aporias of Foreignness' (vol. 9, no. 1, 2018). My contribution examines the issue of mobile-phone footage, new media and self-representation in film and TV documentaries dealing with the Mediterranean refugee crisis. Details of my article and the special issue can be found here.












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