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Dr Filipe Machado Franca

Senior Research Associate

Filipe Machado Franca

LEC Building



Research overview

I am interested in understanding how biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in tropical forests are influenced by human activities, such as selective logging and fires. I am currently working on a 2 year (2016-18) NERC-funded AFIRE project, aiming to assess the ENSO-induced fire impacts on Amazonian rainforests.


Main research projects:

AFIRE (Assessing ENSO-induced Fire Impacts in tropical Rainforest Ecosystems). This project is within the ECOFOR consortium project, which is part of NERC's Human-Modified Tropical Forest programme. This project aims to improve our understanding of the synergetic impacts of human activities with ENSO-induced fires and droughts on the tropical biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. AFIRE’s fieldwork is focussed on the Brazilian Amazon and combines data from a network of intensive long-term monitoring forest sites distributed along a gradient of previous human disturbance, from intact to severely modified forests. Leader investigators are Jos Barlow and Fernando Espírito-Santo (Lancaster University), and Erika Berenguer (Oxford University).

ECOFOR website: http://ecofor.hmtf.info/

Long-term monitoring of forest management. This long-term monitoring project aimed to assess the ecological impacts of selective logging and plantation forestry in the Jari region of the northeast Brazilian Amazon. This research was funded by the Brazilian Research Council (CNPq) as part of its Long-Term Ecological Study programme (PELD), with Jos Barlow (Lancaster University) and Julio Louzada (Lavras University, Brazil) as principal investigators. Specifically, my Masters and PhD research, CNPq-funded, were performed within this long-term monitoring project, assessing the impacts of selective logging on dung beetle diversity and the associated ecological processes they mediate (e.g. seed dispersal).

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