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Dr Daniel Johnson

Formerly at Lancaster University

Daniel Johnson

Career Details

I received my B.A. in 1998 from Yale University, and my Ph.D. in 2007 from the University of Pennsylvania, where I worked under the direction of William Labov. In 2012 I started work as a Lecturer at Lancaster.

I created and maintain the Rbrul program for quantitative analysis of linguistic data and I am happy to answer questions about it, or other statistical questions.

Current Research

I am currently engaged in several research collaborations. A project with Bill Haddican (Queens College, CUNY) investigates the English particle verb alternation from a variationist and syntactic point of view. Jennifer Nycz (Georgetown) and I are working on the development of phonological contrasts (reversals of merger), both over the lifespan and in experiments.

I carry out "miniature studies" on my blog, dejonedge.blogspot.com.
My website is www.danielezrajohnson.com.

Current Teaching

Sociolinguistics, Quantitative Methods and Statistics, Forensic Linguistics, Investigating Spoken English

Formerly Known As

Daniel Ezra Johnson, DEJ, Ezra, Dan

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