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Dr Danielle Girard

Senior Teaching Associate in Media & Cultural Studies

Danielle Girard

Bowland North



Current Teaching

GEN.101 - Gender Studies: Identities, Inequalities & Politics 

MCS.101 - Transformations: From Mass Media to Social Media 

MCS.232 - Television, Culture & Society (Convenor)

MCS.360 - Independent Disertation Project 

MCS.949 - Dissertation

SOC.101 - The Sociological Imagination 



Research overview

I am interested in researching the intersections of queer bodies and fandom in literature, media and popular culture. The book proposal for my first monograph ‘Queerbaiting in Television and Film: Representation, Participation, and Practice’ is currently undergoing the peer review process with the University of Wales Press for inclusion in their new Queer and Trans Intersections Series.

I am developing my queer studies research into an interdisciplinary Film, Literature, and Media and Cultural studies project that explores transgender and non-binary bodies and disordered eating in horror and Gothic fiction and film. This research will take the form of my second monograph.

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