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Dr Dmitry Luchinsky

Senior Research Fellow

Dmitry Luchinsky

Lancaster University

Physics Building



Tel: +44 1524 594603

Research Interests

Main research interests as PhD student and postdoc were:

  • picosecond dynamics of luminescence spectra in II-VI semiconductors;
  • experimental methods of measurements of time-resolved luminescence spectra with picosecond time resolution;
  • CW-dye lasers;
  • experimental methods of modulational spectroscopy for measurements of nonlinear refractive index in semiconductor thing films;
  • pi optical bistability and multistability;
  • self-oscillations in systems of coupled resonators;
  • fluctuations in nonlinear optical systems.

Main current research interests are:

  • fluctuations and critical phenomena in nonlinear dynamical systems;
  • classical mechanics and thermodynamics of Brownian motion in nonequilibrium systems;
  • methods of experimental investigations of generalised nonequilibrium potential;
  • experimental methods of investigations of time symmetry and detailed balance in stochastical dynamical systems;
  • thermodynamics, spatial and time symmetry of ratchets;
  • WKB approximation of the Fokker-Plank equation;
  • ion channels
  • classical mechanical interpretation of nonequilibrium thermodynamics;
  • problem of control of fluctuations.

Nonlinear and Biomedical Physics

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