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Elisabeth Olsen

Research Student

Elisabeth Olsen

Lancaster University

LEC Building



Tel: +44(0)7438802657

Web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/elskard/

Research overview

My PhD project is titled “Forking paths? Participatory (Action) Research on food-political visions and changes in the Faroe Islands and in São Tomé and Princípe”. Conceptually, I draw from economic anthropology, feminist economic geography, ecological economics, political ecology, rural sociology, peasant studies, island studies as well as decolonial and postcolonial theory. The project engages practically with local food-political visions and initatives in both research contexts, while also exploring connections between these very unique island societies and contextualising them in relation to global environmental challenges and political-economic dynamics.

Keywords: food sovereignty, translocalism, islands, cultural and political ecology of food, post-development.

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