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Dr Rebecca Whittle


Lancaster University

LEC Building



Tel: +44 1524 510261

Research overview

I’m a human geographer who is passionate about participatory action research and reflective learning. I’ve worked on a range of different topics over the years and my current favourites are local and alternative food networks, care, craft, wellbeing and parenting. However, most of all, I’m interested in the relationships by which all these intersect. In short, I see care of self, others and the natural world (of which we are also a part, by the way!) as inseparable, and I am interested in how regeneration in any one of those spheres impacts on all the others into the bargain. I'm not generally a fan of labels but 'eco feminist' is probably the one that best describes my work at the moment.

My research and activism tends to be hyper local and I enjoy working with some brilliant local stakeholders who share my values and passion for a fairer and more sustainable world. These include www.foodfutures.org.uk and www.textilecarecollective.com 

Importantly, I work part-time because I feel like I need to live these things, not only understand them with my intellect, and hence my life is a kind of continual reflective practice in trying to work all this out. All of which makes things interesting and challenging into the bargain!

I don’t like Twitter but you can follow me on Instagram @whittlebeccy

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