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Dr Faye Tucker

Research student

Office Hours:

Thursday, 10am-11am (County South, B12)

Research overview

My background is in moral and political philosophy. Broadly my research interests are the moral and political status of children, particularly adolescents; the self; the family; understanding value; and, the intersection between philosophy and public policy.

Current Research

I currently hold a studentship with the EC-funded I.Family study. This study has two main objectives: (1) To understand the interplay between barriers against and drivers towards healthy food choice; (2) Develop and disseminate strategies to induce changes that promote healthy dietary behaviour in European consumers especially adolescents and their parents.


My current research looks at child health policy and health intervention strategies. There are several strands of work that I hope to bring together in my thesis. I am thinking about normative frameworks through which we might be able to evaluate current policy and intervention strategies (and inform future policy/interventions), especially Amartya Sen’s ‘capability approach’. This approach involves assessment of the extent of freedom a person has to promote or achieve the ‘doings’ and ‘beings’ that they value, and have reason to value.


Additionally, I have a particular interest in adolescence as a distinctive part of development. In this area my work has focused on autonomy development and socialization – that is, how values are transferred through society – and how young people acquire the rights and responsibilities of adulthood. Recently I have become interested in agency, what is required for agency, how this develops, and the role of others in fostering agency in children and young people.


Contact me

Email: f.tucker@lancaster.ac.uk

Room B12

Department of Politics, Philosophy and Religion

County South

Lancaster University





Web Links

I.Family Study: http://www.ifamilystudy.eu

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