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Dr Jack Baker

Research student


At the moment, statistics is struggling to keep up with the explosion in the quantity of data available, dubbed big data. In short - it needs a speed up. This is the area I’ll be working on over the next few years. My research is in partnership with the University of Washington, and my supervisors are Paul Fearnhead (Lancaster), Emily Fox (Washington), and Chris Nemeth (Lancaster).

I completed my Mathematics and Statistics BSc at Edinburgh University. Throughout my degree, I found that I most enjoyed mathematics when it was strongly motivated by real world applications. As a result I found myself taking predominantly statistics and probability courses during my final years at Edinburgh. My final year project involved applying clustering techniques to weather data (especially that of a directional nature) to try and find the main weather fronts that affect Edinburgh, and their properties.

During my studies I took a development internship at Motorola and a data science internship at the Met Office. My fourth year project, and internship at the Met Office gave me a strange reputation for being the weather man among my year group. I feel very privileged to be accepted onto the STOR-i programme, which offers an exciting new approach to research with strong industrial links.

Homepage: http://lancs.ac.uk/~bakerj1/

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