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James Memole-Doodson

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research Interests

I am an academic researcher with interests in human personality and behaviour across a variety of different online and other technology-mediated environments (e.g. social network sites; three-dimensional virtual worlds; email). I am particularly interested in the application of such knowledge in the context of cyber security, talent management and human wellbeing.

I have been involved in researching interaction, impression formation and identity construction in different online environments. This has included investigating the extent that we can confidently link online and offline behaviour, online and electronic indicators of personality, deception and disclosure across different online environments, the links between personality and risky online security practices, gender differences in how people search using online search engines, experiential student learning in three-dimensional virtual worlds, and how a person's wellbeing is linked to different online experiences.

I am proud of my strong portfolio of experience with qualitative and quantitative research design (e.g. online experiments, questionairre studies, observational studies, interviews, focus groups) which is backed up with a suite of quantiative and qualitative analysis skills (e.g. structural equation modelling, conditional process analysis and other advanced multivariate statistical methods; thematic, discourse and interpretative phenomenological analyses).

My primary research interests lie in the psychology of behaviour in online environments although I count myself as lucky to have enjoyed work on a range of cross-disciplinary research with experts in computer science, biology, law, geography, and business management.