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Dr Jamie Docherty

Lecturer in Chemistry

Jamie Docherty

Department of Chemistry



Research overview

We are a research group dedicated to advancing the fields of photochemistry, catalysis, and small-molecule libraries. Our research centres on harnessing the synergistic effects of transition metal catalysts in tandem with photochemical reactions. This innovative combination facilitates the synthesis of structurally complex products that are energetically uphill of starting materials. These complex molecules are characterised by their unique three-dimensional structures, endowing them with distinct and selective binding capabilities to various biological targets. Our multidisciplinary approach integrates fundamental principles with state-of-the-art techniques, aiming to shape the future of sustainable and efficient chemical processes.

Research Group Website: Dochertylab.co.uk

PhD supervision

If no funded positions are available, Jamie is happy to receive applications from talented and motivated students, who are either applying as self-funded students or seeking external funding to support postgraduate study. If you are looking to apply for external funding, please contact Jamie by email – in advance of the closing date for the appropriate scheme – sending your CV and a covering letter detailing why you would like to join the group. Assistance will be provided in the preparation of applications for external funding.

Current Teaching

CHEM102/b - Organic Structure

CHEM203 - Strategies for Chemical Synthesis

CHEM371 - Advanced Chemistry Practical


ORCID: orcid.org/0000-0001-5584-7530

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