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Dr John Appleby SFHEA

Lecturer in Medical Ethics

John Appleby

Furness Building



Research overview

I am a philosopher and I work on theoretical and applied issues in moral and political philosophy. My work currently focuses on the ethics of reproduction (especially the ethics of the donation of reproductive materials). I am currently conducting research on a number of topics in the field of reproduction /reproductive donation, including:

- gamete and embryo donation;

- mitochondrial replacement techniques / mitochondrial donation (aka 'three person IVF');

- artificial gametes/in-vitro derived gametes;

- synthetic embryos & SHEEFS;

- ectogenesis/artificial wombs;

- 14-day rule & 28-day rule.

Other related technologies I am researching include:

- organoids;

- biofabrication and lab grown organs;

- CRISPR (gene editing).

I am also carrying out theoretical philosophical research on themes of:

- trust;

- hope;

- privacy vs information sharing;

- identity;

- the nature of children's welfare;

- the value of genetic relatedness;

- the value/significance of genetic information. 

PhD supervision

Please get in touch if you are interested in undertaking a PhD in applied ethics.


Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (2019)

PhD (Bioethics - Moral Philosophy) (Cambridge) (2014)

MA (Bioethics - Moral Philosophy) (New York University) (2009)

Hons. BSc (Bioethics - Moral Philosophy & Life Sciences)  (University of Toronto) (2008)


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