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Dr Jordan Richards

Research student


I graduated from Lancaster in 2017 with an MSci in Mathematics with Statistics. The final year of my undergraduate degree involved a long research project that looked at using MCMCs to determine the order and parameter estimates for integer-valued time series models. I particularly enjoyed the computational aspects of this project, and the opportunity to conduct my own independent research. These are the reasons I joined the STOR-i programme directly after graduating.

Now, I work in a topic area that is entirely unrelated. The title of my PhD project is “Aggregation and Downscaling of Spatial Extremes”, which focuses on jointly modelling extreme rainfall events at different spatial resolutions, or aggregation levels, in the hope of better estimating fluvial flood risk. This project is supervised by Jon Tawn and Jenny Wadsworth from Lancaster University, and by Simon Brown at the UK Met Office.

Homepage: https://www.lancaster.ac.uk/~flettj/index.html

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