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Jude Rowley

Research student

Jude Rowley

Lancaster University

County South



Research overview

Jude Rowley is an interdisciplinary researcher working primarily across History and the Social Sciences and based principally in the Department of Politics, Philosophy, and Religion. As a historian of order, empire, and emergence, his work has historical dimensions, but is ultimately concerned with applying these with a contemporary relevance, seeking to construct histories of the present. Currently, his work focusses on particularly on International Relations as a 'science of empire' and seeks to trace the historical emergence of the formalised academic discipline from a hidden past of colonial race science and eugenics whilst critically deconstructing the legitimising function that scientific discourses are co-opted to serve within the field in the present day.

Drawing on concepts of complexity, non-Newtonian approaches to time and order, and non-linear dynamics, Jude's work seeks to stretch approaches to historical study beyond the orthodox, whilst seeking to broaden these further with radical and decolonial approaches to power and order. His work thus draws on a wide and diverse theoretical framework whilst building on critical approaches that can help shed light on the practice of history and its relation to power, especially the work of Michel-Rolph Trouillot and others.

The inherent interdisciplinary of Jude's research has led him to a range of teaching roles on both postgraduate and undergraduate level courses in the Departments of History, PPR, and the School of Computing and Communications.

He is a member of the North West Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and is also a member of the Centre for War and Diplomacy.

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