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Kate Slade

Lecturer in Sports Psychology

Kate Slade

Furness Building



Research overview

Since hearing loss affects so many people (around 70% of those aged 70+), it is important to understand the psychological, physical, and neural impacts of hearing loss in healthy ageing. 

In my PhD work investigated how excessive effort needed for listening, often experienced by people with hearing loss, is reflected in the body’s physiological responses (like changes in our heart activity).

In my current research, I work in collaboration with the Neuroscience of Speech and Action laboratory in Psychology, to understand how the brain areas involved with understanding speech may be affected by age-related hearing loss using methods that measure brain activity. We also explore the relationship between hearing loss, mental health, and cognitive decline, and how health inequalities may contribute to hearing loss in later life.

My Role

I am Lecturer in Psychology in the Sport and Exercise Science team within Lancaster Medical School. Alongside teaching, I am really passionate about research into ageing and hearing loss, and I'm particularly interested in how these factors affect the body and brain.

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