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Kevin Gerigk

Research student

Kevin Gerigk

Lancaster University

County South



Tel: +44 7765 010130


I am a second-year PhD (by research only) student with the Department of Lingusitics and English Language, Lancaster University. My thesis looks into conversational English and its representation in EFL materials, especially in listening tasks. I am using a corpus pragmatics approach to the functional analysis of active listenership in conversations.

More specifically, my PhD research investigates the level of authenticity of listening texts by looking into the representation of active and good listenership realised through the use of a variety of types of response tokens and speaker contributions to the conversation. Using an analytical-descriptive framework, especially conceived for this type of annotation, Quan and Qual methods are combined to investigate the use of response tokens in general as well as the employment of a specific type of response token in dependence on specific contexts. This will allow me to analyse how turn-management and listenership are represented in listening tasks in EFL materials. 

Besides my interest in research, I have also been a language teacher/tutor in both Germany and the UK for more than eight years. I have taught in various settings spanning from general adult education to Higher Education (PG level). My most recent teaching in Higher Education was as an EAP tutor at a British University in summer 2021. In addition, I currently e-teach teenagers and young adults, who are preparing for their A-Level equivalents or university.

I am a member of IATEFL, BAAL and ISLE.


Research overview

My research interests include Corpus Linguistics, diachronic language change, the influence of popculture on spoken English, spoken Grammar, spoken English, Second Language Acquisition (especially motivation and affective filters), ELT (EFL&ESL) materials development and evaluation.

Career Details

I have been a language teacher/tutor for more than eight years now. Whilst, in my early career, I was mostly involved in planning and convening English courses for adult education centres in Germany (Volkshochschule), more recently my careers has been focussed on A-Level (Abitur) and uni entry preparation courses as an online teacher, mostly in Germany.

In addition, I have experience working in Higher Education as an EAP tutor for a major British university and as an external MA dissertation supervisor.

Moreover, I have been involved in a number of corpus annotation and coding projects (TLC & spoken BNC2014) as an editorial assistant at LAEL. 

Current Research

I am currently working on the above-described PhD research.

Furthermore, I am working on a project to establish a general service list of conversational English using a corpus-driven approach.  

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