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Dr Linda O Keeffe

Formerly at Lancaster University

Research overview

Current project - sound designer for theatre project in Manchester titled Hidden which will begin in January 2017. Hidden is created to start a conversation between the audience and young carers about the role technology can and can’t play within the future of caring. 


In 2017 I have a solo concert performance in Centro Centro in Madrid Spain as part of the Arrecife (Reef) performance series.


I am a editor for the Interference Journal, a journal of sound research and vice president of the Irish Sound, Science and Technology Association.

President of the Irish, Sound, Science and Technology Association, Founder of the Women in Sound Women on Sound Organisation, Board Director of the Octopus Collective.




Fields of Interest

The sociology of sound including urban studies, acoustic ecology, sonifying memory, mediated listening, noise and the history of sound. 

The sonic arts, radio art, performance, sound design for theatre and dance. 

I supervise students for postgraduate research in sound design and theatre and research led practice




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