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Mario Escarce Junior

Research student

Mario Escarce Junior

Lancaster University




Research overview

Game Design, Arts, Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Procedural Content Generation, Emergent Music


Hi! I am a game developer, independent artist and aspiring musician. Currently, I am a Computer Science PhD candidate at SCC, where I develop research related to procedural content generation. Prior to this, I have completed my masters degree in Fine Arts at Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG), in the Technological Poetry research line. I also completed an undergraduate degree in Game Design at FUMEC University, in Brazil.

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Emerging Sounds Through Implicit Cooperation: A Novel Model for Dynamic Music Generation
Escarce Junior, M., Rossmann Martins, G., Soriano Marcolino, L., Tavares Dos Passos, Y. 11/2017

Blind Creation: Emerging Music Through Implicit Collaboration
Escarce Junior, M., Rossmann Martins, G., Soriano Marcolino, L., dos Passos, Y.T. 05/2017

Jikan to Kukan: a hands-on musical experience in AI, games and art
Rossmann Martins, G., Escarce Junior, M., Soriano Marcolino, L. 5/03/2016

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