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Dr Michelle To


Michelle To

Fylde College



Tel: +44 1524 593832

Research overview

I am interested in how the sensory system processes complex natural stimuli, such as photographs, movies, music and language. More specifically, my research investigates how human observers perceive differences and how different features from the sensory environment are integrated. In addition, I have also studied visual perception in the extreme peripheral field.

In a nutshell, the main topics I am interested include:

  • Natural stimuli perception
  • Feature integration
  • Cross-modal integration
  • Visual perception in the far and extreme periphery



PhD in Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge

MPhil in Experimental Psychology, University of Cambridge

BSc in Psychology (First Class Honours), McGill University

BSc in Physiology and Mathematics, McGill University


Current Teaching

PSYC214: Statistics

PSYC377: Psychology of Art

PSYC401: Analysing and Interpreting Psychological Data I


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