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Dr Mukesh Kumar

Formerly at Lancaster University

Mukesh Kumar


I graduated with BEng Electronic Systems Engineering (first class honours) from Lancaster Engineering followed by research work in Microbiofluidics and its application in next generation medical diagnostics. I completed my PhD in condensed matter and material physics research group from Lancaster Physics. I have established strong collaboration with Royal Lancaster Infirmary (Microbiology, Biochemistry and Critical Care Units) and a local SME to promote industry - academic partnership. I have also collaborated with academics from Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster for inter faculty consortium.


My research activities have been supported through the following research grants: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS, London), Higher Education Innovation Fund (UK), Leverhulme Trust (UK), Dowager Eleanor Peel Trust (UK), Faculty of Science and Technology (Lancaster University), EPSRC Impact Acceleration Award. 



Research Interests

My current research is focused on novel sensing and separation systems for next generation medical devices to address the current medical diagnostic priorities. I am developing point of care testing devices in collaboration with a local SME and medical professionals from Royal Lancaster Infirmary. I am also investigating novel electronic integration technologies to support the convergence of microfluidics with conventional electronic systems for a range of lab-on-a-chip devices.

My research interests include Nanosystems integration - Nanobioelectronics, Biosensors, Point-of-care testing, and Condition monitoring in biofluidic microsystems.



We are looking to recruit postgraduate students, keen to work on Instrumentation and bio-detection research projects that will consist of a combination of measurement techniques and analytical chemistry.

Funded PhD studentships will be advertised here and on findaphd.com websites when available.

Prospective researchers and students with their own funding for postgraduate research should email directly to Mukesh Kumar or Peter Fielden, attaching a CV. Assistance in developing research projects for external funding will be available. The research group is multidisciplinary and enquiries are welcome from prospective researchers with backgrounds in relevant disciplines.



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