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Professor Nadia Mazza SFHEA

Professor in Pure Mathematics, Maths & Stats Sustainability Lead

Lancaster University

Fylde College



PhD supervision

I would be happy to supervise PhD students for a research project in modular representation theory of finite, infinite discrete and profinite groups and related topics (such as group cohomology), on Mackey functors and Burnside rings, or on (pro-)fusion systems and related topics.

Research Interests

  • Burnside rings and Mackey functors, and their applications in group theory.
  • Finite and profinite groups, subgroup complexes.
  • Modular representations of finite groups : endotrivial and endo-permutation modules, Dade group.
  • Group cohomology.
  • Fusion systems on finite p-groups and pro-fusion systems on pro-p groups.

More generally, I am interested in groups, mainly finite and profinite, their modular representations, and related topics.

Current Teaching

  • MATH141: Engineering Mathematics I
  • MAGIC073: Commutative algebra

My Role

  • Professor in Pure Mathematics.
  • Head of the Pure Maths Section.
  • Research Theme lead of the department Algebra & Geometry research group.
  • Group Lead.
  • Former Athena Swan Co-Lead.

Additional Information

Member of the London Mathematical Society and of the Mathematisches Forschungsinstitut Oberwolfach.


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