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Dr Naoki Kabeya

Formerly at Lancaster University

Naoki Kabeya


Research fellow by OECD CRP Fellowship 2012

Permanent position of Senior Researcher in the Environmental Conservation Research Group, FFPRI Kyushu Research Center

Core research activities: 1/ Research on rainfall-runoff processes within forest watersheds from temperate to tropical zones, and 2/ Tracing water movement in watersheds using stable isotope ratios

Current Research

Title: Quantification of forestry versus climate impacts on changing water resources in Asia

Short Summary: The aim of this study is the quantitative evaluation of agro-forestry versus climate impacts on changing water resources in Asia. A new method for quantifying the relative impacts on streamflow-cum-evaporation resulting from climate changes and changes in agro-forestry and forestry systems has been developed by researchers Chappell & Tych (2011) at Lancaster University, UK. This program will train Dr Kabeya in these novel methods and evaluate their application to Asian regions studied by FFPRI, Japan’s leading institution for research into the links between water resources and various forestry systems. The new technique will be evaluated using FFPRI’s long-term data from temperate Japan and from their tropical basins (e.g., Cambodia) instrumented to assist international development.


Supervised By

Dr Nick A Chappell & Dr Wlodek Tych

Thesis Title

Characterization of catchment runoff processes using seasonal variations of stable isotope ratios in water in the Asian monsoon region [Doctor of Agri, Kyoto University in 2009].

Thesis Outline

The Asia monsoon region was divided into five regions for rain stable isotope signal, and it proposed using clear sable isotope signal as a tracer in each region.

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