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Dr Nathan Case

Formerly at Lancaster University


Nathan is a space physicist who studies the interaction between the solar wind and Earth's magnetic field -  known as the magnetosphere. Nathan earned his PhD in Space Physics at Lancaster University, before moving to NASA Goddard to work on the Aurorasaurus project. He returned to Lancaster to continue his research into the dynamics of Earth's magnetosphere.

Nathan is a keen science communicator, frequently undertaking outreach activities and appearing in the media on aurora and space related topics. He is also one of the team running AuroraWatch UK.

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Research overview

Nathan currently studies the dynamics of the Earth's magnetosphere, a magnetic "bubble" created by the interaction between the Earth's magnetic field and the solar wind. He is specifically interested in how the interlinked solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere system evolves over time.

Past research has included working on the Aurorasaurus citizen science project, collecting observations of the aurora (northern lights) from citizen scientists and using them for scientific study. Nathan's background was investigating the solar wind, from its journey in interplanetary space to its arrival at Earth, and the effects it has on the location of the Earth's magnetopause (the outer edge of the magnetosphere).

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