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Dr Nathan Halcovitch

Experimental Officer in X-ray Techniques

Nathan Halcovitch

Lancaster University

Department of Chemistry



Tel: +44 1524 594631

Professional Role

I manage the X-ray facilities within the department of chemistry here at Lancaster University. This currently encompasses a Rigaku Oxford Diffraction SuperNova single crystal diffractometer, a Rigaku Smartlab powder diffractometer and a Shimadzu EDX-8000 X-ray fluorescence spectrophotometer. This instrumentation is also available through the collaborative technology access program (cTAP).

My role involves maintaining the instrumentation and offering support to users with anything from sample preparation to experiment design and final data analysis. If you are interested in using our facilities please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Research overview

My research interests involve using X-ray diffraction techniques to determine structure in organic and inorganic compounds and porous materials.

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