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Nathan Nabil

Research student

Lancaster University

The Management School




I am currently in the final stages of my Ph.D., where my field of research is Behavioural and Experimental Economics. Specifically looking into how the various environments and domains in which we make economic decisions may affect the optimality and structure of certain decision processes, thus generating outcomes that are suboptimal.

I also look at how the framing and dynamic nature of certain decisions allows for a change in strategic processes, changes that we are not necessarily aware of or account for when devising strategies.

Similarly I look at how certain characteristics or psychological impairments lead to more impulsive, and sometimes recless, decisions.

My work involves modelling and testing various decision theories and examining their predictive capacity. I also run lab experiments to test various theories and behavioural assumptions. 

Most of my research focusses on decision making under risk, and analysing risk preferences to explain and predict behaviour.

The 3 Chapters of my PhD are titled.

1. The Heterogeneity of Preference Functionals in Problem Gamblers Risk Attitudes”.

2.  “I Changed my Mind”: Experimental Evidence Exposing the Drivers behind Dynamic Inconsistencies in Risky Choice.

3. Heuristics Vs Cognitive Biases: How cognitive load increases alter our strategic choices.

Current Teaching

ECON 328: Behavioural and Experimental Economics

ECON 221: Intermediate Microeconomics

External Roles

Additionally, I do Associate work for an Economics Consulting firm based in Liverpool (AMION Consulting), working on economic impact assessments of large-scale regeneration projects. 

Other Interests and Hobbies

I play Waterpolo and Tennis at a competitive level.

I also enjoy travelling, hiking and the occasional wild swim when i'm feeling brave. 

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