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Pip Dickens


Pip Dickens

Lancaster University

The LICA Building



Tel: +44 1524 594157

Current Teaching

I teach on the Fine Art course, convening year 3. My primary disciplines are painting and drawing.  However, I also utilise digital media and photography within my practice. 

I am on the steering committee of the recently formed Teaching Painting organisation founded by Ian Hartshorne, Donal Moloney and Magnus Quaife. Teaching Painting organisation was formed at Manchester school of art in 2015.  The remit of this organisation is to investigate the teaching of contemporary painting practices within art schools using a variety of platforms including publications, conferences, exhibitions and workshops.

Research Interests

I am a painter concerned with visual perception, in particular, examining and challenging theories and methodologies of colour reception, light and movement within the second dimension.

Concepts of illusion and double meaning are recurring themes - the notion that we may receive two contrasting visual (or intellectual) responses to a single stimulant.

My painting methodology is determined by the subject matter and often juxtaposes conventional painting techniques with innovative methods to create unusual surfaces, layers and textures. Depth and surface contrasts are particularly important in my work. Colour luminosity and light emanationn effects have recently become key.

Previous research and exhibitions have encompassed a wide variety of subject matter: fabrics and textiles in literature (including newly commissioned works through study of the Sir Michael Sadler Kashmir Shawl Collection at the University of Leeds International Textile Archive, culminating in a solo exhibition Pip Dickens – New Works at The Stanley & Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds). 

A Leverhulme Trust Award Artist in Residence at the University of Huddersfield collaborating with composer, Professor Monty Adkins explored synergy between music and painting through examination of Japanese aesthetics.  This resulted in research in Kyoto interviewing craftspeople introduced through Professor Yuzo Murayama of Doshisha University, Kyoto.  The overall project included an interim exhibition Hajime – The Beginning: Pip Dickens and Monty Adkins and culminated in a co-authored book Shibusa – Extracting Beauty.  Paintings from this project comprised a solo exhibition at Daiwa Anglo-Japanese Foundation London.

Research and exhibitions include a solo touring exhibition Toward the Light by Pip Dickens with Bradford Museums and Galleries (supported by Arts Council England) and in 2013 SCREEN: Pip Dickens new works informed by Japanese notions of the screen and cinematic and photocellular film qualities.  The solo exhibition (Rugby Art Gallery & Museum) was supported by Arts Council England.

I am interested in cinematic themes – the lost colour palette of Glorious Technicolour and also the notion of the screen (acknowledging the 14th Century Italian finestre impannate, or curtained window)  interpreted through painting as portals of discovery exploring the idea of views, or aspects of clarity, or their opposite...diffused, phantasmagoric netherworlds.

Recent exhibitions in 2017 have included 'Fully Awake' organised by Teaching Painting organisation and curated by Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye at House for an Art Lover, Glasgow and a substantial solo exhibition of 25 new paintings, MIRRORS - PIP DICKENS, at The Storey, Lancaster.  This included a commissioned essay for the exhibition catalogue by painter and lecturer, Kevin O'Brien exploring the role of mirrors in society.  The exhibition is supported by Arts Council England and Lancaster University.  Outreach activity included a public talk and also a painting workshop for schools.

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