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Quynh Hoang

Research student

Quynh Hoang

Lancaster University

Charles Carter Building



Office Hours:

Fridays (5-6 pm) 

Research overview

My research interests lie primarily in cultural aspects of consumption. Particularly, I am interested in the studies of consumer subjectivity, the emotional reality of the consumer subject, the functioning of ideology in consumer culture, and the intersection of ideology, subjectivity, and emotions. 


Current Teaching

Marketing 101 Seminar Tutor (October 2019 - Present) 

Research Grants

LUMS Scholarship (10/2019 – 9/2022)

Current Research

I've been looking at the context of digital detoxing in the exploration of consumer subjectivity and the emotional reality of the consumer subject under the ideology of surveillance capitalism. 


Supervised By

Dr. James Cronin and Dr. Alexandros Skandalis 

Contact me

via email n.q.hoang@lancaster.ac.uk