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CCI Roundtable Session on Technoconsumption and Artificial Intelligence

Activity: Talk or presentation typesPublic Lecture/ Debate/Seminar


The LUMS Centre for Consumption Insights (CCI) will be holding a special roundtable discussion between some of its research members and students over Microsoft Teams on the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) and its place in consumption, markets, & society. Whether represented through speculative science fiction like Netflix’s Black Mirror, classic cinema such as Blade Runner, or pulpy paperbacks along the lines of AI Apocalypse, there is little denying that AI functions as the ultimate bogeyman in today’s marketplace. Although a source of apprehension and cynicism, AI also occupies superdesirous grip over contemporary consumer culture. In the UK, household penetration of smart home devices is expected to hit 84.8% by 2026. Algorithmic platforms that “learn” about and predict consumption preferences, such as Spotify and Amazon, have perforated consumers’ everyday experiences. The roundtable discussion will include Professor Stefano Puntoni, Dr James Cronin, Quynh Hoang, Sophie James, Dr Alex Skandalis and others. The session is intended to be casual, participative, and friendly. 


NameCentre for Consumption Insights
Date1/10/16 → …
Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom