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Dr Rebecca Kate Burns

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Rebecca Kate Burns

Research overview

Having obtained a first class honours degree in Physical Geography from Lancaster Environment Centre, Becca undertook a PhD with the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation sponsored by Elementar UK Ltd. The bulk of her post-graduate research focussed on Icelandic glaciology and meltwater hydrogeochemistry with a distinct reference to cryospheric carbon cycling and subglacial methane generation. In addition to this Becca worked alongside Elementar UK (formerly Isoprime) to develop the application of mass spectrometry to environmental sampling.

Upon completion of her doctoral studies, Becca became an Innovation Fellow with STARS CDT, a UK based soil science research and training consortium consisting of Lancaster University, Bangor Univeristy, Cranfield University, the University of Nottingham, The British Geological Survey, The James Hutton Institute and Rothamsted Research. During this time she developed a passion for knowledge exchange and how research translates across the academia-industry-policy boundary.

Research overview

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