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Dr Reuben Larbi

Research Fellow - Health Determinants of Research Collaboration (HDRC)

Faculty Of Health And Medicine



Research overview


My research interest is population dynamics and how it leads to urban transition and related consequences such as slum formation, informality, poverty, health, and governance in cities. I have also done a considerable amount of research on adaptation to climate change in both urban and rural areas in Africa. My PhD research focused on exposure of the urban population in Accra to flooding using multidisciplinary methods in social science and geographic information systems. My current research examines the contamination pathways of drinking water from human waste and it involves Action Research that pilots a set of water and sanitation safety plans to minimise the contamination of drinking water by human waste.

Career Details

I joined Lancaster University in 2018 after my PhD and having previously worked on projects that inter alia examined vulnerability to climate change and an assessment/implementation of feasible adaptation options. At Lancaster, I work on the RECIRCULATE and ACTUATE projects which seek to develop capacity for Africa’s circular water economy and accelerate the adoption of circular sanitation systems for improved health outcomes respectively. This research involves working with government agencies, academic institutions, the private sector, and Civil society organisations to address problems with water and sanitation in an integrated and sustainable way.

My research interest and approach are shaped by my training in Engineering and Social Science followed by postdoctoral experience in an interdisciplinary research context. I am an advocate of combining qualitative and quantitative research methods with spatial analysis.

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