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Rosie Harvey

Formerly at Lancaster University

Rosie Harvey

Formerly Known As

Rosie Knight


I am an applied linguist, interested in how research in linguistics can help students and teachers. Broadly, I am interested in the following research areas:

  • Corpus linguistics 
  • Stylistics 
  • Discourse analysis
  • L1 language learning 
  • Quantitative linguistics

More specifically, my current PhD research explores how corpus linguistic methods may help secondary school teacher assess Key Stage 3 students' (those aged ~11-14) creative writing.

I am based in the Centre for Corpus Approaches to Social Sciences (CASS) research group, found in the Linguistics and English Language department. 

Thesis Title

Exploring applications of corpus stylistics to the assessment of creative writing by UK secondary school students

Current Teaching

I am currently a supervisor on:

  • LING 301b: Dissertation

I have previously taught on the following LAEL undergraduate modules:

  • LING 210: Stylistics
  • LING 211: Language of advertising 
  • LING 214: Corporate communication
  • LING 218: Language and pedagogic practice

Prior to this, I completed a PGCE at the UCL Institute of Education and taught as a secondary school English teacher at various schools in London.

Additional Information


Harvey, R. (forthcoming). Twitter reactions to the UN’s #HeForShe campaign for gender equality: A corpus based discourse analysis.

Sandulescu, C.G., Vianu, L., Popescu, I-I., Wilson, A., Knight, R. & Altmann, G. (2015). Quantifying Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Glottometrics, pp. 45-72

Knight, R., (2013). Laws governing rank frequency and stratification in English texts. Glottometrics, pp. 30-42

Book chapters: 

Harvey, R. & Marin Cervantes, I. (forthcoming). Starting out with phrasal verbs.

Edited books:

Kelih, E., Knight, R., Mačutek, J. & Wilson, A. (Eds.). (2016). Issues in Quantitative Linguistics 4. Lüdenscheid: RAM-Verlag


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