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Dr Rostislav Mikhaylovskiy


Rostislav Mikhaylovskiy

Physics Building



Research overview

My research interests straddle the line between magnetism and photonics and cover investigation of the mechanisms allowing ultrafast (one trillionth of a seconds and faster) coupling between light and magnetically ordered media. Particularly, I aim to reach a regime of optical writing of information in magnets with minimally possible dissipation of energy. This requires to use pulses of light with photon energies matching the energy scale of the magnetic interactions, which is in a meV regime. This energy scale corresponds to THz frequencies. Therefore I employ THz light to study and control the magnetization dynamics at the highest possible speed. 

PhD supervision

A fully funded PhD project is available in the area of spin dynamics in antiferromagnetic materials, in which spins precess on a picosecond (one trillionth of a second corresponds to THz frequency) timescale and strongly couple to electro-magnetic waves. To excite THz magnons we will use ultrashort strong electro-magnetic fields produced either by table-top ultrafast lasers or by electron bunches at electron-beam facilities of Cockroft Institute. We will push the driven spin dynamics into strongly nonlinear regime required for practical applications such as quantum computation or magnetization switching . We will investigate nonlinear interaction of intense and highly coherent magnons with an eye on reaching regimes of auto-oscillations, nonlinear frequency conversion and complete magnetization reversal. Please follow the link for more details https://www.findaphd.com/phds/project/terahertz-magnonics/?p106475

Career Details

In 2013 I was awarded a PhD degree in Physics from University of Exeter, United Kingdom. My PhD project involved THz spectroscopy of magnetic materials and heterostructures. Then I started as a Postdoc at Radboud University in Nijmegen (the Netherlands), where I developed THz spin dynamics research line. In the last years I got inspired by the idea to use THz radiation not for detection, but for the control and even switching of spins in complex magnetic oxides. I joined the Physics Department in Lancaster in January 2019 to develop an independent research programme towards this goal.

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