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Dr Sarah Robin

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Sarah Robin

Bowland College



Tel: +44 1524 594147

Research overview

As a Learning Developer, I am particularly interested in innovative forms of teaching and inclusivity. 

As an Historian, my research area focuses on material culture and the history of emotions in seventeenth-century England.


I have a signficant amount of experience researching and teaching History, and have now moved into Learning Development. I currently teach in the management school, provide student academic writing support and manage a large peer mentoring scheme, LUMS Leading Lights. I also manage a student blog http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/studyblog/

I continue to teach and research History, with two publications due summer 2019. I was also a Teaching Fellow in History at the University of Manchester. 

Research Grants

Peel Trust Award, July, 2013

Awarded Travel Bursary from Perth University, Australia, June 2013

William Ritchie Travel Award

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences Travel Award

Conference Grant awarded by Lancaster Univeristy History Department to Perth, Australia, June 2013

Award (by Lancaster University History Department) to cohost a new postgraduate conference in may 2013

Conference Grant awarded by Faculty of Arts and Social Science, April 2013

Research Grant for purchase of Modes Software system by Lancaster University, History Department

Reasearch Grant awarded by Lancaster University History Department to visit Winterthur Museum, Delaware and Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, September, 2011

Research overview

Current Research


Sarah Ann Robin, ‘Male Choice and Desire: Material Offerings in Early Modern England’ in Cultural and Social History (Summer, 2019).

Sarah Ann Robin, ‘Uncovering and Understanding Object Location, Space and Identity’ in Sarah Barber and Corinna Peniston-Bird (eds.), History within Context: Source, Location and Performance (Routledge, 2019).

Past publications

Sarah Ann Robin, ‘Jewels of the Flesh: The Corporeal Relationship between Jewellery and the Body in the Early-Modern Period’ in Jewellery History Today, 23, (2015).

Sarah Ann Robin, ‘The Public and Private Realms in the Seventeenth Century: A Parameter of Wood and Fabric’ in The Luminary: Sleepless Beds, 3, (2013), pp. 62-73.

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