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Professor Steven Jamison

Professor in Novel Methods of Particle Acceleration

Steven Jamison

Physics Building



Tel: +44 1524 593527

Research overview

Professor Jamison undertakes research in ultrafast and non-linear optics, and their application to advanced particle accelerators.

Prof Jamison leads a programme in laser driven particle acceleration using terahertz frequency pulses, in collaboration with Manchester Physics, Lancaster Engineering departments and the Accelerator Science and Technology centre at STFC Daresbury National laboratory. Using ultra-fast optical lasers, single-cycle, sub-picosecond Terahertz pulses can be generated with MV/cm field strengths through nonlinear processes in dielectric materials. These electro-magnetic pulses can be manipulated to have complex polarisation states, including the longitudinal polarisation needed to accelerate co-moving relativistic particle beams. Novel methods for slowing the electromagnetic pulse to subluminal speeds have also been developed. The research programme has acheived world leading demonstration of THz driven acceleration of relativistic electron beams, published as journal cover article in Nature Photonics (Nature Photonics 14, 755759 (2020)), and sub-relativistic electron beams. Prof Jamison also has interests in Plasma-Wakefield acceleration and Dielectric-Laser acceleration concepts.

Professor Jamison has a long record in development of femtosecond-scale measurement of relativistic particle beams, through non-linear electromagnetic interactions between particle and beams. He has been an early leader in the demonstration of these techniques at many accelerator facilities, and in laser plasma wakefield acceleration experiments.

Professor Jamison joined Lancaster physics department in 2018 from heading the Laser and Optics group at STFC Daresbury national laboratory. He maintains research activities and collaborations with Daresbury.

Prof. Jamison is a member of the Cockcroft Institute for particle Accelerator Science and Technology.


PhD studentships are available for October 2021 starting.

Opportunities are now available for talented physicists to join our research programme as a PhD student, in either experimentally focused or theory/simulation focused projects.

  • The experimentally-focused studentship will investigate the interaction of intense THz electromagnetic pulses (generated by non-linear optics and ultrafast lasers) with 100keV and >50 MeV electron beams.
  • The theory/simulation-focussed studentship will investigate the mechanisms of energy depletion and back reaction on the electromagnetic field during extremely high gradient (GV/m) and ultrafast (few femtosecond) conditions.

For further information contact Prof Steven Jamison at s.jamison@lancaster.ac.uk


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