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Dr Sylvia D'souza

Senior Teaching Associate

Sylvia D'souza

Charles Carter Building



Research overview

My work spans and intersects ethics, HRM, and culture, overlapping the disciplinary boundaries of philosophy, sociology, and organisation studies. I am broadly interested in studying the processes, relational dynamics, and micro logics that inform practical action in organisations embedded within diverse socio-cultural contexts. In this sense, I am interested in examining how larger social structures and organisational technologies interact to shape embodied consciousness or to create specific conditions for action. 

My current research focuses on developing the practice-theoretical perspective for application to ethics.

Current Teaching

MNGT 622 Business Ethics and Society

OWT503 The Management of Organisational Change: Challenges and Debates

OWT 320 Psychological Approaches to Managing Change

MNGT 360b European Management Dissertation Supervision

OWT 228 The Changing Role of Management

OWT 250 Research Methods in Management

MNGT 110 Introduction to Management and Leadership


PhD, MA, BCom

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