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Takayuki Nagamine

Research student

Takayuki Nagamine

Lancaster University

County South



My Role

In the academic year 2022/23, I am involved in the following:

  • Teaching: LING103 (Linguistics), LING221 (Sounds of the World's Languages)
  • Research Assistant: TARDIS project convened by Dr Patrycja Strycharczuk (Manchester) and Dr Sam Kirkham (Lancaster)

Previously, I have undertaken the following roles within Lancaster University:

  • Teaching: LING223 (English Phonetics) 2021/22
  • Program Committee Member: LAEL PG Conference Organisation Committee 2022

Research overview

I am interested in a broad range of topics related to speech. In my PhD project, I am particularly keen on understanding the articulatory aspects of second/foreign language speech using ultrasound tongue imaging. 

Current Research

I aim to identify:

  • what articulatory gestures are important in contrasting English /l r/,
  • what differences can be found in gestures among liquids in English and Japanese, and:
  • how such differences in the number/magnitude of articulatory gestures influence the Japanese English learners' production of English liquids.

I use the ultrasound tongue imaging technique in order to visualise the tongue movement during speakers' production of English/Japanese liquids and to quantify the degree of tongue movement.

Research Grants

My PhD research is funded by Graduate Scholarship for Degree Seeking Students by Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO) and a research grant by the Murata Science Foundation. 

Current Teaching

I usually teach on modules/classes related to Phonetics and Phonology.

  • 2022/23
    1. LING103 (Linguistics)
    2. LING221 (Sounds of the World's Languages)
  • 2021/22
    1. LING223 (English Phonetics) 

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