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Dr Taylor Wolffe

Research student

Current Research

Evidence synthesis techniques such as systematic review have become well established in the field of medicine, and serve as a key evaluation of all available data on a specific healthcare intervention. Their transparent and methodical nature leads to a minimisation of bias vital for decision making in a field littered with vested interests. Additionally, their meta-analytical approach to the literature provides clarity in the face of seemingly sparse or contradictory data.

My PhD project seeks to apply the concept of systematic evidence synthesis to the field of chemical risk assessment. The range and availability of chemical risk data used for decision making can lead to complex and sometimes controversial regulatory outcomes; with very direct impacts on not only human health, but that of the wider environment. The sheer volume and heterogeneity of the information required for evaluating chemical risk, as well as the time sensitive nature of the process, present challenges for systematic review.

Working in collaboration with The REACH Centre, I hope to demonstrate the use of systematic mapping techniques to address these challenges. Systematic mapping offers a transparent and comprehensive means of data gathering, monitoring and evaluation – allowing rapid identification of emerging trends in data availability and informing a more efficient, targeted approach to the review of data most relevant to the risk management process. 

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