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Dr Viktor Tsepelin

Reader in Low Temperature Physics

  1. Acoustic Damping of Quartz Tuning Forks in Normal and Superfluid $^3$He

    Guénault, T. (Creator), Haley, R. (Creator), Kafanov, S. (Creator), Noble, T. (Creator), Pickett, G. (Creator), Poole, M. (Creator), Schanen, R. (Creator), Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Vonka, J. (Creator), Wilcox, T. (Creator), Zmeev, D. (Creator), Lancaster University, 15/09/2019, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/313


  2. Breaking the superfluid speed limit in a Fermionic condensate [Dataset]

    Zmeev, D. (Creator), Pickett, G. (Creator), Haley, R. (Creator), Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Fisher, S. N. (Creator), Bradley, I. (Creator), Guénault, T. (Creator), Skyba, M. (Creator), Schanen, R. (Creator), Lawson, C. (Creator), Lancaster University, 9/05/2016, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/73


  3. Dataset for Visualizing Pure Quantum Turbulence in Superfluid 3He: Andreev Reflection and its Spectral Properties

    Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Fisher, S. (Creator), Pickett, G. (Creator), Barenghi, C. F. (Creator), Sergeev, Y. A. (Creator), Baggaley, A. W. (Creator), Suramlishvili, N. (Creator), Lancaster University, 2015, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/12


  4. Dynamical similarity and instabilities in high Stokes number oscillatory flows of superfluid helium

    Schmoranzer, D. (Creator), Jackson, M. (Creator), Midlik, S. (Creator), Skyba, M. (Creator), Bahyl, J. (Creator), Skokankova, T. (Creator), Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Skrbek, L. (Creator), Lancaster University, 31/01/2019, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/264


  5. Fundamental dissipation due to bound fermions in the zero-temperature limit

    Autti, S. (Creator), Ahlstrom, S. (Creator), Jennings, A. (Creator), Haley, R. (Creator), Pickett, G. (Creator), Poole, M. (Creator), Schanen, R. (Creator), Soldatov, A. A. (Creator), Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Vonka, J. (Creator), Wilcox, T. (Creator), Woods, A. (Creator), Zmeev, D. (Creator), Lancaster University, 2020, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/356


  6. LEGO R Block Structures as a Sub-Kelvin Thermal Insulator

    Chawner, J. (Creator), Jones, A. (Creator), Noble, T. (Creator), Pickett, G. (Creator), Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Zmeev, D. (Creator), Lancaster University, 2019, 10.17635/lancaster/researchdata/328


  7. Nanoscale Real-Time Detection of Quantum Vortices at Millikelvin Temperatures

    Guthrie, A. (Creator), Kafanov, S. (Creator), Noble, T. (Creator), Pashkin, Y. (Creator), Pickett, G. (Creator), Tsepelin, V. (Creator), Dorofeev, A. A. (Creator), Krupenin, V. A. (Creator), Presnov, D. E. (Creator), Lancaster University, 2021


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