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Encapsulated single photon emission device

Research output: Patent

  • Robert James Young (Inventor)
  • David Ellis (Inventor)
  • Andrew J. Shields (Inventor)
  • Mark Stevenson (Inventor)
Patent numberGB2443220
IPCH01L33/08; H01L33/10; H01L33/14; H01L33/30; H01L33/44; B82Y20/00; H01L33/08; H01L33/105; H01L33/145; H01L33/30; H01L33/44; H01L33/0062; H01L33/0095
Priority date23/10/06
<mark>Original language</mark>English


The device comprises a quantum dot and a Bragg reflector 32 formed from III-V semiconductor layers. An encapsulating layer of SiN 36 surrounds the device layer structure which prevents desorption of semiconductor material or the electrostatic electrode pattern 37 being affected during high temperature annealing. A photonic cavity may be used to define an optical cavity and electrostatic electrodes may be used to select one quantum dot from an ensemble for device operation. The encapsulating layer may be removed to complete the device fabrication process. The device may operate by electrical or optical excitation.