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Environmental control system fluid sensing system and method

Research output: Patent

  • L Matsiev (Inventor)
  • Oleg Kolosov (Inventor)
  • M Uhrich (Inventor)
  • William Rust (Inventor)
  • John Feland (Inventor)
  • John Varni (Inventor)
  • Blake Walker (Inventor)
Patent numberUS 2005/0145019 A1
IPCG01N 3/56; G01N 19/02; GO1N 11/10; GO1N 33/487; GO1N 11/00; GO1N 11/16; F25B 49/00
<mark>Original language</mark>English


A sensor system and method for analyzing a fluid contained within an environmental control system, comprising the steps of providing a system including a passage for containing a thermal change fluid; placing a sensor including a mechanical resonator in the passage; operating the resonator to have at least a portion thereof translate through the fluid; and monitoring the response of the resonator to the fluid in the passage. A preferred sensor includes a tuning fork resonator.