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Monitoring and controlling unit operations

Research output: Patent

  • Stephen Cypes (Inventor)
  • M Uhrich (Inventor)
  • Eric Carlson (Inventor)
  • Oleg Kolosov (Inventor)
  • David Padowitz (Inventor)
  • James Bennett (Inventor)
  • L Matsiev (Inventor)
Patent numberUS 2007/0017291 A1
IPCGO1N 29/02 (2006.01); GO1N 9/00 (2006.01); GO1N 29/036 (2006.01); GO1N 11/10 (2006.01); GO1N 29/22 (2006.01); GO1N 27/00 (2006.01)
<mark>Original language</mark>English


Fluid sensor methods and systems adapted for monitoring and/or controlling distillation operations in fluidic systems, such as batch distillation operations or continuous distillation operations, are disclosed. Preferred embodiments are directed to process monitoring and/or process control for unit operations involving endpoint detemlination of a distillation, for example, as applied to a liquid-componentswitching operation (e.g., a solvent switching operation), a liquid-liquid separation operation, a solute concentration operation, a dispersed-phase concentration operation, among others.