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  1. Published

    C 4 photosynthesis in Paulownia? A case of inaccurate citations

    Young, S. N. R. & Lundgren, M. R., 31/03/2023, In: Plants, People, Planet. 5, 2, p. 292-303 12 p.

    Research output: Contribution to Journal/MagazineJournal articlepeer-review

  2. Published


    Young, R. & Falko, V., 25/02/2022, IPC No. G06Q30/00; G07D7/12; H04L9/32; G06K19/10; G06K7/14; G07D7/202; G07D7/2033;, Patent No. CN107810517B, 27/01/2015, Priority date 27/01/2015

    Research output: Patent

  3. Published

    Improvements relating to the authentication of physical entities

    Young, R. & Falko, V., 24/05/2023, IPC No. G07D7/12; G06Q30/00; G07D7/202; G07D7/2033;, Patent No. EP3251103B1, 26/01/2016, Priority date 26/01/2016

    Research output: Patent

  4. Published


    Young, R. & Roberts, J., 3/01/2023, IPC No. G09C1/00; G09C5/00; H04L9/32;, Patent No. CN110651316B, 26/07/2017, Priority date 26/07/2017

    Research output: Patent

  5. Published


    Young, R. & Roedig, U., 17/10/2023, IPC No. G06K19/06; G06K7/12; G06V10/143;, Patent No. CN111226225B, 19/02/2018, Priority date 24/08/2017, Priority No. GB201713634A

    Research output: Patent

  6. Published

    Method of making an optically readable element

    Young, R. & Robinson, B., 22/05/2022, IPC No. G06K19/06; H01L33/04; G06V20/80; G06V20/00;, Patent No. US11347987B2, 6/02/2019, Priority date 7/02/2018, Priority No. GB201802011A

    Research output: Patent

  7. Published

    Optically deriving information from a security element

    Young, R., Howarth, D. & Abdelazim, N., 10/05/2022, IPC No. B42D25/305; B42D25/309; B42D25/333; G06K19/06; G06K7/10;, Patent No. US11328193B2, 1/10/2020, Priority date 3/10/2019, Priority No. GB201914263A·2019-10-03

    Research output: Patent

  8. Published

    Generating a unique response to a challenge

    Young, R., Bernardo Gavito, R., Roberts, J. & Roedig, U., 5/04/2022, IPC No. G06F21/44; G06F21/73; G06F21/00; G09C1/00; H04L9/32;, Patent No. US11295003B2, 3/03/2017, Priority date 27/07/2016, Priority No. GB201613002A·2016-07-27; GB2017050574W·2017-03-03

    Research output: Patent

  9. Published


    Young, R. & Bernardo Gavito, R., 4/07/2023, IPC No. G06F7/58;, Patent No. CN201780048177, 4/07/2017, Priority date 8/08/2016, Priority No. GB201613595A·2016-08-08; GB2017052159W·2017-07-24

    Research output: Patent

  10. Published

    동요에 대한 비결정적 응답 생성 기술

    Young, R. & Bernardo Gavito, R., 28/06/2022, IPC No. G06F7/58;, Patent No. KR102414571B1, 24/07/2017, Priority date 9/08/2016, Priority No. GB201613595A·2016-08-08; GB2017052159W·2017-07-24

    Research output: Patent

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