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Landscape Report: Towards Bioprinting Devices In vivo

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The ability to 3D print structures, especially electronics, inside living organisms is a game-changing step towards personalised medical interventions (e.g., human-machine interfaces). Our research (described in our article in Advanced Materials Technologies, followed by an editorial in The Biologist) has the potential to deliver disruptive innovation for bioscience and engineering via the development and exploitation of a new manufacturing approach pioneered by the team (demonstrated in live Caenorhabditis elegans) for 3D printing electronics directly into live organisms and tissues, and advances in technology such as these could impact UK National Security. The UK has an opportunity to play a world-leading role in this nascent area, but critical investment is needed to catalyse the development of this research.

This report provides a snapshot of the following areas:
• Introduction to bioprinting.
• Engineering and natural sciences challenges involved in bioprinting in vivo.
• Ethical issues associated with bioprinting in vivo.
• Potential impacts for UK National Security.
• International overview of state-of-the-art.
• Opportunities for commercialisation and strategy.

External organisation (Government)

NameOffice of the Chief Scientific Adviser