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Dr Alexander Robson

ERDF Technology Access Consultant (Physics)

Alexander Robson

Physics Building



Tel: +44 1524 593797

Research overview

Research Interests

·     Cross-sectional analysis of materials via beam-exit cross-sectional polishing, a technique developed and patented by Lancaster University.

·     Quantitative nanoscale mapping of materials via scanning probe microscopy, including nanomechanical and nanothermal properties.

·     Nanoscale materials, structures and devices, 2D materials and their applications. 


Prior to my current appointment, I worked as a senior research associate on the European Commission project QUANTIHEAT (QUANTItative scanning probe microscopy techniques for HEAT transfer management in nanomaterials and nanodevices, FP&-NMP-2013-LARGE-7), which involved twenty partner institutes in academic and industrial fields. The QUANTIHEAT project aims to tackle issues relating to thermal metrology at the nanoscale and to deliver validated standards, methods and modelling tools.

Before joining the QUANTHEAT project, much of my research focused on the cross-sectional analysis of III-V compound semiconductor materials and devices via scanning probe microscopy and beam-exit cross-sectional polishing (BEXP), a technique developed at Lancaster University.

I have a PhD in Physics from Lancaster University, thesis title “Cross-Sectional Scanning Probe Microscopy of III-V Semiconductors” (Supervisor: Dr Manus Hayne).

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