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Ethan Wallace

Research student

Ethan Wallace

Lancaster University

LEC Building



Research overview

My research interests lie within statistically analysing and modelling systems that cause severe economic damage or loss to human life, with emphasis upon environmental hazards, epidemiology, infectious disease (predominantly water-borne), and broader-scale modelling and statistics. 


PhD title: Quantifying and modelling flood-mitigation and water-quality benefits delivered by grassland features and practices in the Leith, Lowther and Petteril catchments (Eden catchment, Cumbria, UK). 


PhD statistical and modelling techniques:
Ch (4) - Extreme value theory and peaks-over-thresholds analysis.
Ch (5) - Geostatistical modelling, regression analysis, and generalised linear mixed effects models.
Ch (6) - Physics-based rainfall-runoff modelling. 
Ch (7) - Water-quality analysis with control engineering. 
Rel Ch - Time-series analysis and data-based-mechanistic (DBM) modelling.  

Funder: Eden Rivers Trust and the European Union Regional Development Trust Fund via the Centre for Global Eco-Innovation (Project 50). 


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