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Vanessa Thomas

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Vanessa Thomas

Research overview

Once upon a time, I lived in a country far, far away. It was full of mounties and maple syrup and a bizarre orange substance called "mac and cheese." While there, I studied computer science, mathematics, physics, human security, peace building, internal communications, intercultural communications, graphic design, leadership, history, women's studies and a whole bunch of other subjects that didn't seem to be directly related to one another, except in my head. I used my unusual set of skills to find work in Canada, Ecuador, Bolivia and the United States of America. Then I found the HighWire Centre for Doctoral Training, which seemed like a great place for a disciplinary misfit like myself. 

While at Lancaster, my doctoral research examined a set of social practices and public policies that influence the environmental footprint of digital technologies. I was also a Research Associate with the Institute for Social Futures, where I explored some of the future implications of our digital technologies.

I am now a postdoctoral research fellow with Susanne Bødker's team in the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University, Denmark. We're working to reimagine interactive objects, while also contributing to the EU's "From Sharing to Caring" project.

My research interests and side projects remain related to sustainable development, ICT4D, crisis informatics, human rights, public policy, "smart" cities, retrocomputing and retrogaming, urban development (especially in Latin America), open EVERYTHING (data, source software, Internet, education, government, etc), and human-computer interaction (HCI). Please get in touch through one of my instititional emails, twitter, or LinkedIn if you have any questions or concerns about my work. :)

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